Water Treatment Cleaners NovAqua Instant Water Conditioner

NovAqua Instant Water Conditioner

    $16.99 - $64.99
    • Adds superior protective skin slime-coat
    • Adds essential electrolytes
    • Detoxifies chlorine, chloramine and toxic metals making tap water safe for fish

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    16oz, 1gal

    This product has a new version! Consider NovAqua Plus for even better water conditioning results.

    Kordon’s NovAqua® is the original fresh and saltwater conditioner product developed scientifically over 35 years ago. This instant acting formula supplements the natural slime coating of fish and adds electrolytes for proper water balance. It also removes chlorine, copper, hard metals, and toxins, and helps stabilize the pH of tap water.

    NovAqua utilizes inorganic salts, organic polymers, herbal extracts (i.e. echinacea) and electrolytes to produce safe and beneficial water conditions. It breaks apart chlorine molecules which eliminates chlorine from the water, along with other heavy metals including copper, lead and zinc.

    For best results, use with AmQuel or AmQuel Plus to fully remove all toxins from your tap water.


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    The Standard Dosage for Kordon NovAqua is the same as for Kordon’s other liquid water conditioners, 2 drops per gallon, one teaspoonful (5 mL) per ten gallons, one fluid ounce per 60 gallons (29.5 mL). Add NovAqua to the water when setting up a new tank or pond, preferably before the fish are added. For water changes, add to new water each time a water change is made. The amount of NovAqua to be used is determined by the total amount of water in the aquarium or pond.If water is suspected of containing chloramines (a complex of chlorine and ammonia) or ammonia, the following procedure should be used to protect your fish and invertebrates: (1) Add NovAqua to protect the fish from stress, add a protective slime coat and prevent shock; (2) Add Kordon’s AmQuel Plus to remove ammonia and chloramines from the water. NovAqua can be added to the shipping water before fish or invertebrates are shipped and after receiving. The use of NovAqua will reduce stress, osmotic shock and possible chemical poisoning. The use of NovAqua also reduces the probability of infection and increases the chances of recovery. It is recommended that Kordon’s AmQuel also be added to shipping water to reduce toxic effects of free ammonia during shipping.
    COMPATIBILITIES Kordon’s NovAqua is compatible with the majority of non oxidizing medications used in the control of fish diseases. NovAqua will precipitate ionic (non-chelated) copper but will react only slowly with chelated coppers. This product is safe for use in established aquaria and will not interfere in normal biological filtration. CONTRAINDICATIONS NovAqua is not a medication nor chemotherapeutic agent and is not indicated for any specific disease. Its intended use is as a multipurpose water conditioner. CAUTIONS No cautions are required in the use of this product. NovAqua does not reach toxic levels with regular use or even upon accidental or purposeful over dosage.
    SPECIFICATIONS Contains a buffering system, synthetic polymers, reducing agents (dechlorinators), electrolytes, product stabilizers, edetates for heavy metals removal.  Note:  None of the NovAqua products, now or in the past, contain any phosphates. STABILITY Properly stored, NovAqua is stable for up to 5 years in solution. NovAqua must not be frozen. If the product is suspected of being frozen, inspect the contents for evidence of crystals. If crystals have formed, the product should be discarded. Normally NovAqua should have a clear to slightly cloudy appearance. Do not use if it has a milky appearance. NovAqua does not become toxic with age or freezing, but its effectiveness is reduced.
    Kordon was formed by biological scientists in the California Academy of Sciences and Steinhart Aquarium, San Francisco, in 1950. The Kordon Vision Statement is, “Working together, we will be the most progressive and responsive global producer of pet products.” For more than 57 years products bearing the Kordon and Oasis names have led the industry in innovation, quality and effectiveness. The Kordon and Oasis brands are steeped in a rich history of being first to market with many of today’s pet industry staples. Whether it was the first aquarium ammonia detoxifier or the first angle-capped small animal water bottle, Kordon has always looked for ways to improve the quality of life of the animals which it serves.