Aquascape LED Pond and Landscape Lighting

Enhance the beauty and depth of your pond and landscape design with Aquascape’s line of energy-efficient LED lighting.

Use the wide variety of fixtures, connectors, and accessories to create endless dynamic lighting atmospheres in and around your pond. Both the warm white and color-changing series feature spotlights, waterfall/up lights, and fountain lights with multiple mounting options for submersed or external use.

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LED landscape lighting is perfect for keeping your pond bright and viewable during the fall and winter seasons or for holidays or special occasions. For fish lovers, underwater spotlights are the perfect solution to seeing past the surface of the water and into the beautiful atmosphere below while your fish grow and thrive.

Aquascape Pond and Landscape Lights are impressively energy-efficient, using just 10% of the energy used by traditional halogen setups. Transformers, extenders, splitters, and smart-control devices make setting up and managing this premium lighting system a breeze.

Control your Aquascape LED setup from your smartphone or tablet using the Smart Control Hub and the Smart Control App to program color, brightness, and schedules right from the screen.

For ouside the pond, two types of path and area lights allow you to create a safe and beautiful glow around walkways, rock walls, garden beds, and other hardscaped elements.

All Aquascape LED lighting fixtures and accessories use quick-connect fittings for easy installation without manual wiring and can be expanded to serve any size landscape or pond.

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